Snuckls is a free slot machine. You can play the slots by watching videos.
You win money by hitting prizes in the slot machine. Spin to try your luck!
Yes. The more spins you do, the more prizes you will win.
You have 100 spins per day. If you want 1,000 spins per day invite 1 friends to play 5 spins. You will keep 10% of referral lifetime earnings and your friend will get 2 free spins by joining through your link. Referral is considered inactive if not played 5 spins in 3 consecutive days. Thus, you can keep 1,000 spins per day FOREVER as long as your referral plays once in 3 days.
We ONLY allow one account per person.
Watch and listen to the video. The category is there to make sure you actually watch the video.
If you have any questions, message us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BaymackGame/