Snuckls is a free lucky draw. You get tickets in lucky draw by watching videos.
Yes, we pay thousands of people every day.
You can get your money via PayPal or Amazon. Redeem here: https://www.snuckls.com/GDetails
We dont choose winning numbers. We use winning numbers from Georgia Fantasy 5 lottery. Can see here: https://www.galottery.com/en-us/games/draw-games/fantasy-five.html#tab-winningNumbers
Multiple winners split prizes. See winners tab and everyone who matched 4/5 balls. You split 1.5% among all winners of 4/5 balls.
Watch and listen to the video. The category is there to make sure you actually watch the video.
2/5 balls gets 0.1% of jackpot, 3/5 balls gets 0.4% of jackpot, 4/5 balls gets 1.5% of jackpot, 5/5 balls gets 98% of jackpot. In case of multiple winners, prize gets split.
No, we cant add videos to Snuckls yet.
Snuckls does not make money but will monetize with ads once masses play.
Yes, you can invite friends and make a lot of money.
level 1: invited by you (you earn 50% of level 1 lifetime winnings )
level 2: invited by level1 (you earn 10% of level 2 lifetime winnings)
level 3: invited by level2 (you earn 10% of level 3 lifetime winnings)
level 4: invited by level3 (you earn 10% of level 4 lifetime winnings)
level 5: invited by level4 (you earn 10% of level 5 lifetime winnings)
level 6: invited by level5 (you earn 5% of level 6 lifetime winnings)
level 7: invited by level6 (you earn 5% of level 7 lifetime winnings)

Invite friends and make money here: https://www.snuckls.com/FInvite
We pay all redemptions within 24 hours after withdrawal request.
If you did not receive your payout, means you have PayPal issues. Call paypal and get them to approve your account to accept funds.
San Francisco, California.
We use winning numbers from Georgia Fantasy 5 lottery. Once they announce, we post winning numbers on Snuckls within 1 hour.
We ONLY allow one account per person.
You can message us on WhatsApp to +91-76191-21674 or email support@snuckls.com
Get 50 tickets every day and invite friends. If they earn, you earn. Example: if you invite a friend who wins the jackpot, you also won 50% of the jackpot if level 1 referral. Invite here: https://www.snuckls.com/FInvite
Tickets from 11-50 are only 2 video views.
You can choose numbers yourself or use Quick Pick feature.
Any country can play Snuckls.
On June 12, 2017 Román Reyes Perales (https://www.facebook.com/roman.reyesperales) matched all 5 numbers and won HIGHEST ever Jackpot of $2,862.90 USD on Snuckls. Watch PayPal payout here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk31z2d6VmQ (data as of July 24th)